DJI Squirt v2.1 (6S)

By sedwo on Jul 29, 2020

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Originally I wanted a Taycan, but they were sold out everywhere and getting parts for it would also be an issue. So I bought a shendrones squirt, v2.1 (not 2.0).

v2.1 shifts the FC stack further to the nose, which forced me to make certain 3D printed accomodations, because the stand-offs are so close to the corners of the ESC board. I presume this was done to avoid the tight pinch of the DJI Air unit cable and the ESC power lead. (good call)

This is also my first 3" build, and the best advice I can offer is to always do a dry build. This will greatly help sort out the pieces and placement. A 5" build feels like the titanic of available space now compared to the tight 3" size.

I also borrowed a 3D printer (Ender 3X), and went to geek heaven on it. So cool! And really helped to make this build cleaner. In fact, without the support of 3D printed parts from the community (THANK YOU!), a stock shendrones squirt is quite plain and feels more prone to issues.

One of the major struggles was to also find a way to connect to the FC when the ducts are on. Thankfully Joshua Bardwell hilighted a magnetic micro-usb cable connecter. This works very well.

Initially the motors for this build would get very hot, which concerned me. Following Wild Willy FPV's tips on changing the ESC setup helped to lower some of that heat. Along with more PID tuning. Hence why I attached my settings below to help others in configuring a similar build. My motors still get warm, but are well within their operating range and the quad flies super smooth.

Flight time using a GNB 6S 850mAh = ~5.3min (no GoPro mounted)


Part List


Shendrones Squirt V2

Flight Controller

NewBeeDrone Infinity200 Stack (ESC+FC) (7 builds)


4 x T-Motor F1507 2700Kv Micro Motor (3 builds)


HQ Prop Duct 3 Tri-Blade 3" Cinewhoop Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your ColorGrey (6 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DJI FPV Air Unit (3 builds)


GNB 6S 850mAh 80C XT60


DJI FPV Remote (Mode 2) (2 builds)


DJI FPV Goggles

3D Printed

Shendrones Squirt v2.1 support by sedwo
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Misc Supplies

USB Magnetic Cable, Upgrade 3 in 1 Multi Cable Fast Charging and Data Sync 6.6ft Bold Nylon Braided Anti-winding with Smart Chip
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MrOizoNZ   16 days ago  

Hey hey, been searching for advice and found your build - looks like i have the same issue with the stack interfering with the camera mount.
Would it be possible to get the files for the camera mount and print locally?
(Signed up just so i could ask you, ha!)
Thanks :D

sedwo   16 days ago 
MrOizoNZ   14 days ago 

Much appreciated, Thanks!

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