Bad props

By Bob Tegland on Mar 23, 2020

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These props look cool, but they actually fly very poorly. I think before they where called the iFlight nazguls, but they changed the prop design apparently from all the bad feedback they got on amazon. When I purchased them, there was like 1 review, and it was positive. Of course, I left a bad review, and it was quickly followed by a lot of bad ones, then the props I guess where removed all together. Lots of vibration, I don't think balancing would do them justice.
Boy GPS sure is nice to have working correctly though. Return to home works, OSD MPH and coordinates work great.
In fact, everything else ran flawlessly on this quad, just the props needed to be changed. I love the BHN-880 gps from beitian, it seems to be a good one. I also have taken a liking to the airbot f7 FC and 4 in 1 ESC airbot makes. The 8 pin harnesses on these newer FC's is just fantastic. If you have ever flown an SPRacing f3 FC, you know what I am talking about. Yes ultimately in the end, you get the same results in terms of a flying quadcopter, but getting there is just plain, flat easier and more reliable with this newer design. I will never use a different f4 or f7 FC design ever again.

I didn't care about keeping it light, so I went with a 1550mah 100c battery from Ovonics, and a caddx fpv cam. I figure without a gopro, it's probably light enough.


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