By mayan_hawk on Mar 23, 2020

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The Parakeet was first built to carry a gopro session when paired with the StanFPV Ducts. That fell through when I realized the average flight time was only a minute. So i hung it on the wall and only took it down out of boredom. I took the ducts off, dropped a new (more capable) stack in the frame, added some LEDs and a VTX (the old one smoked). Now I have a 3" ripper that gets about four minutes of flight. After flashing to 4.1.5 and turning on RPM filters with a slight PID adjustment - the parakeet flies smoother than butter melting off pancakes.

I used 10mm screws with stepped washers to secure the props which has worked perfectly. Keeping with my signature blue, I added the micro racewire and a UV LED strip to bring out the neon props.

As for upgrades, I'd love to add a starlight cam so I can take advantage of all the vanity LEDs I added.

Dry weight is 125 g
AUW is 180 g



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