X8 V5 or COAX X4 V5

By kwadkenstine on Mar 24, 2020

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Hi again.
Yes another X8 or more correct to call it a coax 4. because i do not run 8 motor outputs , so the props on each arm do not counter rotate as they should in a X8 config,
Reasons i only run it with 4 motor outputs is ,
A i do not have a spare fc with 8 outputs.
B having counter rotating props stacked on top of each other , in my opinion is just adding variables that are not needed.
Also i am running 2 sets of diferent esc s , 4 hglrc 60a bl32 and 4 flycolor 30a bl-s esc.
no rpm filtering
Dshot 300 and props out
I added a second pdb not relying on the aio fc to carry any motor load and added a couple of big caps.
Default everything in BF pids rates and filters.
posting the maiden flight in all its glory now, leave a coment on my yt chanel such as it is.
Yes the blue tape is ugly



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1Smug_Bastard   5 days ago  

So, does it fly?

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1Smug_Bastard   5 days ago 

Just saw the video, did something break off at the end of the flight?
Anyways, your TWR as shown in the video, insane!

I bet a 3" version of this would be allt of fun.

kwadkenstine   5 days ago 

Hi I am working on a 3" . But what is TWR ?. Nothing broke but a motor was a tad loose .

1Smug_Bastard   5 days ago 

TWR = Thrust to Weight Rato

The better the TWR, the easier it is to get airborne. That being said, too much can make a Copter hard to control, especially if the PID's and Props are not idea. Mind you, not saying this is / was the case here, just making a point.

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