GEPRC MSX 3 Inches with onboard DVR

By David125 on Apr 02, 2020

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In the middle between TinyHawks and 5inches... Here it is my GepRC MSX Sparrow! :)

A very challenging build, this is a SMALL frame, and putting into a 5 layer stack has been difficult

I printed some spacers for the esc, trying to save as much space as possible.

I have inserted and reinserted the boards many times looking for the ideal solution...and maybe it's still improvable!

F4 it's too "poor" for this build, I had to give up ESC telemetry and smartaudio, because this F4 Mamba has only 3 UARTS..
But I have the full control of camera and DVR recording directly frome the Radio
I plan to buy a f7 mini soon

Hope you like it!



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Yinka_Brasil   Apr 09, 2020  

Very nice work! Cleean! Loving the pictorial layout of the build- very generous, as opposed to others who just show you the end product. One question, what's the camera feed like in your goggles? Lipo/electronic/vtx noise of any sort? I find stacks always invariably interfere with the camera output reception, not matter the size of the capacitor. Or maybe it's just me not knowing what the hell I'm doing!

David125   Apr 09, 2020 

No noise, fpv feed almost perfect...but it depends mostly on the esc noise.. If your esc are good, the video feed should be good.
If you see the other my build, chameleon ti 5, on that build I gone crazy with the video noise, and I solved it finally after many many tests, using a very tiny 9B BEC between VBAT pads and VTX, just try :)

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Apr 05, 2020  

These little birds are so fun and I can't believe every single builder doesn't have one. They are the perfect blend between speed and agility IMO. You did a great job getting everything tucked in; that is a tiny space to work with.

David125   Apr 09, 2020 

thanks a lot :)

Sasquads   Apr 02, 2020  

Nice build, totally packed
I love the frame, one of the most beautifull ones out there
curves like a woman...definetly sexy
and off course stretched X
I love mine
Enjoy it !

David125   Apr 03, 2020 

Thanks :)
Yes it's really "Hot" :D :D

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