By L0stB1t on May 18, 2020

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My first own build, using an Armattan Tadpole frame. It's quite similar to my GepRC Phantom, just some higher quality components.

It's a tad (pun intended) heavier than the Phantom but flies just as well because the motors have a bit more punch. The frame is very sturdy but there's not a lot of space, though I managed to cram a Lucky Box in (a real must-have if you're asking me).

Here's some footage of the first flight:



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dafunk   7 days ago  

nice work overall, its clean and neat !
I have the same issue with my tadpole... the stack is too high and it touches the battery straps
frame vibrations are transmitted to the stack :/
a bad crash could damage the stack via the lipo stack

L0stB1t   7 days ago 

Thanks! I've actually shortened the bottom standoff rubbers so the stack fits better. Putting the screws in from the top I also won some space because that buttonhead is much flatter than the nut. Plus I cut as much hairs off the battery strap as I could (using diagonal cutters) so the VTX still gets some room to breathe.

I agree that the frame transmits too much vibration to the stack, I'm seeing quite some D-term noise in the Blackbox logs: https://intofpv.com/t-armattan-tadpole--11710 . I like how you modified your frame to soft mount the entire stack, that's exactly how it is on the GepRC Phantom.

I have a bunch of extra standoff rubbers and rings on the way from China, when I get them I hope to figure out a good way to reduce vibrations as much as possible...

L0stB1t   6 days ago 

I have now improved the vibration damping of the flight stack quite a bit simply by using longer screws and using the pieces of the standoff rubbers that I cut short. Full details and info about the PID tuning here: https://intofpv.com/t-armattan-tadpole--11710

Jayembee67   9 days ago  

Excellent stuff. I'm not sure what it is about the Tadpole frame, but it really makes for some splendid flying machines. One addition I would stroingly recommend, however, is a Lantian 720p DVR module, if you can get hold of one. It fits behind the stack, only weighs 2.3g, and makes the post-flight video a good deal better (I did post a video but it unpacked it, and that seemed rude, but you can see it here: https:// youtu.be /pysYvhPDoKQ - without the spaces).

Also, I have to ask, is your icon really the Marain glyph for 'eh' but with a bit missing, or have I just read far too many Culture novels...? ;-)

L0stB1t   7 days ago 

Thanks for the suggestion, actually I have an HMDVR-S on the way which I intend to uncase and fit in the Tadpole. Your video is awesome, nice quality and great flying!

My avatar is a glider from the game of life (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conway%27s_Game_of_Life) - just a hacker/geek kind of thing :)

Jayembee67   6 days ago 

Oh excellent! Yes, you won't regret adding a DVR, it really adds a lot to the machine!
And haha, OK, yes of course. I haven't thought about Game of Life in a long time; I think the first time I saw it was on a TRS80 clone (which dates me rather). I didn't realise that the various stable and meta-stable forms had names and that there was a whole branch of research into them, although now I am not surprised. I have learnt something today, thank you! :)

L0stB1t   7 days ago  

This kwad loves trees:

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