Oreo - Cinewhoop

By MotoRotor on Apr 05, 2020

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With all the cinewhoop craze this inspired me to build a cinewhoop out of a frame I had sitting around. I custom designed the bumper ducts and used a gopro mount from thingiverse so that I didn't have to recreate the wheel.

The quadcopter flys great can be very nimble but also can be really smooth with different rates on a separate profile. Really liking this quad!

Con - like other cinewhoops it can be pretty loud.

390g - without battery
497g - with Tattu 850 4S battery (107g)
577g - with RDQ 1500 4S battery (187g)

Update 5/19:
Updated the ducts so that the bottom hole is smaller in diameter than the top so that it creates more of the air foil effect. Seems more stable and steady. It's the TPU bumpers printed in blue/white.



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Drufuss   17 days ago  

Nice build.
Had the bumper 3 Rec and really liked it, but after two crashes on concrete the frame was wrecked completely.
Put all the parts into an iFlight Bumblebee frame later, weight is around 300 grams without battery.

BTW. how loud is your motor/prop combination with the ducts?

MotoRotor   17 days ago 

Thanks. Current dry weight with all of the TPU, no GoPro or RunCam, is 275g. It went up from 250g after adding a buzzer/led, wiring, batterypad, larger XT60 connector and GoPro style TPU mounts. Still, it's lighter than anything you can buy off the shelf - Bumblebee, Taycan, Splash.

Durability wise - I own both the Splash (a fantastic design by the way) and this one I built from the HeliPal REC frame. I would say it is far more durable with the 3mm carbon and lighter. I crashed it head on into a playground steel pole and crash into concrete. The I ended up breaking one of the PLA printed hard bumpers on installed on the bottom which was easily replaced with no damaged to the carbon. I definitely noticied I like flying this one over the Splash - Splash is larger, heavier and noisier (but it looks nicer with the translucent filament Jack used to print).

However, the drawback is that it doesn't have as much space as the Splash - you can't fit a DJI unit in there. I suppose you could fit a vista unit in there by using taller standoffs and increasing the height of the bumpers.

Noise - it is loud like all cinewhoops but less loud than my Splash cinewhoop for sure. The Splash is the only cinewhoop I have to compare.

Anyhow - if you're interested in re-building a HeliPal Bumper3 REC version let me know, I can share the printable files or print them for you.

MotoRotor   17 days ago 

This is the current config I've been flying.

DoubleJackOnTap   Apr 05, 2020  

Looks great.  Love the name.  Are the bumper ducts heavy?

MotoRotor   Apr 05, 2020 

Didn't weigh the ducts alone but the complete build, without battery and gopro, weighs 250g

DoubleJackOnTap   Apr 05, 2020 

That is a good weight, better than I expected. Thanks!

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