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By badfish on May 02, 2020

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GetFPV's subscription box - FPV Crate #6- #10

This series started with the T-Motor Yema 5" frame. It came with some props, a lipo bag, and some spare hardware.
Next came the FPV Crate F7 FC (re-branded T-Motor F7), along with the Foxeer Razor camera, more props, and a shirt.
The TBS Unify PRO32, a Triumph Pro antenna, glass camera filter, and props followed.
For the ESC, we got what looks like a re-branded Flycolor 45A 4-1 they call the Crater46. Also props, a shirt, and parts tray in this box.
We got the Booster V2 motors to finish this build off. More props, another shirt, and 1 of what was supposed to be 2 straps.

So, the idea is, they send you a series of mystery boxes with enough parts to complete a build. This is the second time around.
The frame is built for racing. That said, I would think they would have gone with a 20mm stack. I'm okay with the F7 though. The camera and side plates fit perfect in the frame. I'm not sure why they went with a big, heavy 1W Vtx. I'm only half happy with it ending up under the ESC, but it should be okay on 25mw. The ESC is BL32, and matches up with the F7, with the exception of some vendor generated confusion with the supplied wires. I was hoping for something more than just a V2 of the original Booster motor from Crate #5.

The build consisted of little more than soldering the harnesses for the Vtx, Rx, and camera. I ran the motor wires through some plastic expandable sheathing before heat shrinking them to arms, and soldering them in. The usual jazz in betaflight although this is my first FC with 4.xx firmware. This is my first BL32 experience too, but no problem switching motor direction. It just may fly!

All in all, I would say I'm not happy with the parts GetFPV & FPV Crate curated for this build. I think a racing rig should be as light as it can be. The frame, camera and motors all go well together. I would have gone with a 20mm stack. and smaller Vtx if I were choosing. Another queen for the wall. I will continue with the subscription to see what frame they are building around next, but not much more I think.



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StickyRice   24 days ago  

2 words to describe this...."clean" n "juicy"....looks great dude!!

DoubleJackOnTap   25 days ago  

It is interesting how they put these together.  Seems to me like they throw a few crates in the middle that dont make sense.  I agree with TBS Pro Unify.  Way overkill for this build.  I figured that was a bonus crate and I used the Rush Tank one from a previous box in mine.  I also used the V1 motors.  I do like how you can start the subscription at almost any time and 6 or so boxes later you should be able to build something.

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