Jungfrau II - Sub 250g 3" Mid range DJI HD

By Locng on Apr 08, 2020

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Make it more flexible: 4s for freestyle & 2s/3s for mid range cruising, really happy with the result.
I don't have a chance to test the range yet with the current limited DJI OSD, but it can circle 3- 4km around my local park.
4s850mah: 7 -9 mins
3s1300mah: 11 mins
Still waiting for same weight low C battery: 3s1500mah / 2s2700mah / 4s1000mah



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AirCinema   22 days ago  

Do you think all this can also fit the 2.5" frame? im trying to cut down on weight to fit a 4s 1300

Locng   22 days ago 

Probably but it's less efficient imo. So I'm not sure if you could get more flight time. I wish they had 4" or 5" version.

AirCinema   22 days ago 

Thanks! I also noticed your camera is the caddx, can you confirm the DJI air unit will fit? I know the Caddx vista is much smaller

Locng   22 days ago 

Its de-cased DJI air unit, it won't fit with the aluminum case, just adding more pictures.

Yinka_Brasil   Apr 12, 2020  

No frame name?!

Locng   Apr 12, 2020 


Yinka_Brasil   Apr 12, 2020 

Thanks! So how's the frame? The reviews aren't good, but the price is good at least.

Locng   Apr 13, 2020 

Yeah, it's probaly the lightest and cheapest 3" deadcat available. Using low weight motor, low RPM and bottom mount battery, then you will be fine with these light frame.

Tyrdle   Apr 11, 2020  

I'd definitely try some Gemfan 3016 on this. I have used the Avan Minis and the 3016 are much better.

Locng   Apr 12, 2020 

Yeah, I'll try the 3016, GF3025 give me more flight time but less smooth footage.

thegreen4me   Apr 11, 2020  

inav or betaflight?

Locng   Apr 12, 2020 

That's betaflight 4.2 with RPM filter.

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