Mobula6 Tricopter Edition

By kera on Apr 13, 2020

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1s 65size Tinywhoop Tricopter!!!

Tunings improved!! Thanks a lot for 1Smug_Bastard!



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7ohms2   Feb 22, 2021  

is there a picture or a diageam of how the frame is cut and modified withbthe servo?

rsheldiii   Apr 14, 2020  

This is awesome, I was just thinking about building something like this. Surprised at how well it flies already, what firmware did you use, triflight? and what servo is that specifically?

kera   Apr 14, 2020 

I use Betaflight firmware.
Added servo information to Part List ↑

rsheldiii   Apr 14, 2020 

ah I forgot Betaflight has tricopters as well. Thank you!

rsheldiii   Jun 26, 2020 

I finally got around to making a 3d printed version of this, I'll take pictures once I get it well-tuned.

for anyone looking, I am semi-sure this servo works with a pwm rate of up to 333 hertz, which will get you much better response in betaflight

Kstone   Apr 14, 2020  

From the video, your wife didnt seem too impressed. (joke)
From what i saw you've a fair bit of Tail-Wag. Any chance you'd be able to tune this out?

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kera   Apr 14, 2020 

Awesome tips!!!!
I'll try tuning again!
Thank you very much!

kera   Apr 15, 2020 

Thank you!
I was able to tune well!

Kstone   Apr 15, 2020 


If you can attach an Openlagger you can pull a BF log that can be used to optimize the tune to its fullest.

Side Note: Try brigging that little tricopter to a Whoop meet and you'll blow their minds.

Jodie Froster   Apr 13, 2020  

I applaud your ambition, creativity, and intrepid nature.

kera   Apr 14, 2020 


Whiffles   Apr 13, 2020  

Pretty neat, did you use a servo?

kera   Apr 14, 2020 

Yes, I use very small servo.

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