6 " mid range HD setup

By Dave_C FPV on Apr 20, 2020

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This frame I named the "Bando Bastard" (reference to Kabab FPV calling 6 Inch "Bastard Size") is a mid range and freestyle frame that comes in two different layouts (dead-cat and wide-X) each in 5 and 6 Inch. This design is something I basically made according to my own needs and therefore it has a specification that is less versatile and more focussed on certain aspects of performance: The electronics layout is a double 20x20 mainly to fit the Caddx Vista system.
and the main body is very compact compared to what you would usually see on a freestyle frame. This noticeably reduces drag and therefore increases cruising and tops speed as well as flight times. The main objective of this 6" setup is to get similar performance compared to a 7" (flight times & cruising speed) while still being able to use the same 1300mah 6S packs I use on 5" because the quad is not nearly as heavy and amp hungry.
Dry weight is 370g and get around 5-9 minutes out of a 1300mah 6S and went over 25minutes on a 4000mah 4S LiIon. The Downside here is that I had to sacrifice the capability to carry a GoPro (I personally stopped caring about producing hundreds of gigabytes of useless 4K footage and the DJI HD DVR is good enough if I just want to re-watch my flight afterwards.

Check out the YouTube video with extensive flight footage:



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TrexHeliPilot   26 days ago  

Brilliant design, my new favorite. I absolutely love this frame. I built it to the same specification in the video and it's performance is utterly amazing. Like Dave I fly for the joy of it, not for capturing video that I will never upload or otherwise use. This frame does not make any compromises for carrying a GOPRO whatsoever. The one thing that surprised me most about this frame is how quiet it is! I takeoff from my local athletic park for my mid range journey to the local mountains and the people at the park hardly notice I'm there. I'm very happy with this build and can't wait to order a 5 inch version. I had the frame cut by CNC Madness. They have the pattern already programmed so all I had to do was pick the carbon material, whether or not I wanted the arms chamfered, and whether or not I wanted countersunk holes for the fasteners. It took only a week to get the frame.

Pairadime   Jun 13, 2020  

Just a small tip for anyone that wants to build this frame.  The gps sensor works 20 times better mounted on an arm instead of the tail. Otherwise Great Frame!!

BlackbirdFPV   May 05, 2020  

The Caddx Vista Digital HD System wire was long enough to get the camera to the front?

Pairadime   Jun 11, 2020 

Yup no problem at all

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