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By M490fpv on Apr 24, 2020

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Had an opportinity to build a mid range cruiser/freestyle quad to demanding environment..
This quad will operate in high mountains, so excellent fpv/rx feed is a requirement. Also GPS is helping to give necessary position info to pilot.
Quad will carry a GoPro Hero 8, so this is quite high prized package.

All components were chosen to support the high performance requirements.

  • Apex HD frame is one of the best available frames now for freestyle purposes
  • Ethix motors are smooth for filming
  • Ethix S5 cinematic props
  • iFlight F7 dual gyro fc to have rpm filters with dshot600 8k/8k
  • iFlight 50A Blheli32 esc
  • DJI digital fpv system to give clear fpv feed
  • TBS Crossfire Nano receiver to have separate RX
  • Brainfpv GPS for positioning and emergency rescue purposes

I printed a lot of black tpu parts to have the whole appereance as dark as possible.
I think this ended up really nice and clean :)


Part List


Apex 5" HD Frame Kit (4 builds)

Flight Controller

Iflight SucceX-D F7 TwinG Stack (F7+50A ESC) + DJI Air Unit


TBS Moteur Steele Ethix Stout V3 (5 builds)


HQProp ETHIX S5 Cinematic Props (10 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) (334 builds)
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Doobie52   Apr 26, 2020  

Do you have links to the 3D parts you printed?

M490fpv   Apr 26, 2020 

all parts except antenna/gps mounts are under these 2 thing links. i will upload the antenna mount tomorrow.

BromboFPV   Jun 06, 2020 

Hi, did you forget to upload the gps antenna mount? :P

M490fpv   Jun 07, 2020 

Sorry yes I did!
Now the mount is under this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3923712

Daan   Apr 25, 2020  

I'm seeing this white handrail post of your house so often in the builds feed, it's like you're the only one building stuff. :D
Nice build, too bad the original air unit is too big and clunky.

M490fpv   Apr 25, 2020 

😂 thanks! 👍

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