Mobula6 Bicopter Edition

By kera on Apr 25, 2020

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fly99   Aug 06, 2020  

it is very nice
Any picture for wiring servo n motor

kera   Aug 08, 2020 

I wired servos to T2 and LED port.
(T2 is set to smart audio normaliy, so this drone give up to use SA)
Writing a bicopter setting is complicated, so I will write it when I feel like it💦
(I first referred to this site)

fly99   Aug 08, 2020 

Thank you very much for the info, your Mobula6 Bicopter Edition is very nice

FrenchToastFpv   May 13, 2020  

Did you make the servo mounts or where did you get

kera   May 14, 2020 

I made this servo mounts.

valek   Apr 30, 2020  

that is so cool. I love how it wiggles back and forth like its hanging from the props.

1Smug_Bastard   Apr 26, 2020  

Just curious where you found the Ducts to fit the design. I made my own a few months back but have not put them to good use yet...

fovea   Apr 25, 2020  

awesome! thanks for share

Chrswn   Apr 25, 2020  

so when should we expect the mobula 6 hexacopter? ;)

Ender   Apr 25, 2020  

Pretty Light weight

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