Short Crayon - Swirlie

By slovenian6474 on Feb 01, 2017

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The Short Crayon Swirlie is a 64mm motor to motor cf frame with full nylon prop guard that's removable. Runs 40mm props and Emax Femto FC.



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FlyingSquirrelFPV   Dec 13, 2017  

Do you think I could run this on 1s whoop batteries?

slovenian6474   Dec 13, 2017 

Probably not as is. Too small of props for the weight. Unless you're talking about running two whoop batteries in series. I have made some smaller, lighter models that do run really well on 1s whoop batteries.

FlyingSquirrelFPV   Dec 13, 2017 

What size motors do they use? I want to use 1102 10000kv motors.

slovenian6474   Dec 13, 2017 

Those motors should work great! At least on 2s.
Here's a link to the build instructions that have some of the suggested parts.

lagtastic   Jul 08, 2017  

how long are your flight times with the 300mah nano-techs?

slovenian6474   Jul 08, 2017 

Around 2-3min

WhaleFPV   Feb 02, 2017  

Love this!
Tiny micros are my new fave!

zoomie517   Feb 07, 2017 

Thank you! I have 2 Swirlies on the way and a couple of sets of 1103's. And 2 Femtos.

Just need to find a 4 in 1 and I'm set!

WhaleFPV   Mar 10, 2017 

You wont regret it, this gets more flight time than any of my quads now :)

aliimam   Feb 26, 2017  

What's the max battery for those motors while keeping it fun and last a few mins?

slovenian6474   Feb 26, 2017 

Probably 450mah500mah.

zoomie517   Feb 07, 2017  

Will 1103's be too much for this build?

slovenian6474   Feb 07, 2017 

Not at all. It works great with 1102/1103 motors. Just get the 10,000kv versions for maximum funsies.

WhaleFPV   Feb 07, 2017 

I second the 10000kv for pure zoom!

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