RotoriousFPV Weemix instafied

By daich on May 07, 2020

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This is the original weemix frame with new rails that bring camera further forward so less prop in view.
I've been flying this setup in 3s and T65 biblades with no issues. It's super beastly and loud.
The diamond vtx dvr eventually burned out the 5v BEC so I had to put in an external 5v regulator made by Pololu

Now I've ditched the diamond vtx for the non dvr version from eachine trashcan and I've added a insta360 go mount and have gone triblades. probably stick to 2s like this.
I've also mounted the front TPU print on the underside instead of the top side of the main plate to give a wee bit more tolerance on take off due to the underslung front motors. In this config, it allows the Insta360 Go to be mounted horizontally.



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Tyrdle   May 12, 2020  

Have you had any durability issues with these motors? I've killed 3 of them in crashes with no visible damage, they just start twitching or not spinning properly.

daich   May 13, 2020 

which KV and 3 or 4 bolt?
these are 11,000kv 3 bolts so one of the very first runs of the kind. I've crashed this so many times and they are still going strong. I've also run them with HQ T65 props on 3s for like 12 packs and theu are absolute beasts

Tyrdle   May 13, 2020 

4 bolt 8000kv. I cut the heatshrink on them and all three of the broken ones had the middle wire broken off right at the stator.

daich   May 14, 2020 

thats a shame maybe they used too thin gauged wire for the higher kv variants (lower KV needs more windings)

WizzX   May 12, 2020  

I'm really interested about that insta 360 on my quad as well, is the quality of the video OK?, do you have some footage?

daich   May 12, 2020 

quality is great only 25fps though ive posted a video just now still playing with different settings but its my one and only flight outdoors with it so far

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