Sanchez Air 3s Toothpick - with CRSF

By Abonacci on May 20, 2020

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Long story short, this quad burned to a crisp upon first plug in. The motor pads on the 12a beta board are WAY to close together and i believe i had one bridged. I replaced the board to the nameless rc one which i have been happy with so far. I also swapped in the nameless rc d400 vtx with built in dvr. I flashed 4.1 BF with jesc and rpm filtering. It still has some vibration issues for some reason. Currently 60g plus rdq 525mah 3s makes 102g AUW.

Wanted a bigger brother to my 1s version. this will have a crossfire nano and the 400mw Unify pro32 nano mounted in the Toothpick mounting board. Trying for a clean, lightweight, and durable quad. 95g AUW with RDQ 525 3s .



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SeeWell   May 21, 2020  

Nice build! I may have to get an air sanchez frame, since I live fairly close to CNC Madness I have no excuse not to buy one.

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