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By Minichado on May 12, 2020

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This. thing. rocks. tiny, but doesn't feel like insane power:weight. throttle has loads of resolution down low, but it flies smooth lines (just as soon as the pilot adjusts :D :D )


I only have about 5 packs through it so far so it's cleeeean. maybe 3 crashes and not even a mark on it.

Build tips:

plan ahead. I cut and installed this fc with the arrow to the front and xt60 cut to go out the back.. and then realized the cam pads are in the back, vtx pads are in the front.... it's a mess.. on the next one I'm going to rotate the fv 180 deg on the z axis.

the nano cam must be installed upside down. you need to reverse HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL in the runcam settings to make it look correct. it has a fairly unique plug for runcam (I say this as someone with 30+ micro cams) so change the settings before you cut the plug off for the joystick or keep the plug. I never keep them on (since it's a one time setup) but I messed up this time.. I'm leaving a photo of the bench spaghetti tool I built to fix the camera after the fact.

The stock lipo sled was incredibly tight, even after using a lighter to loosen it up just a little bit (as seen here ) it's still very snug. There are thingiverse files available for all of the parts as well as for a larger sled. if you go 3S, go ahead and print a larger sled (IMHO).

I'm having a slight fitment issue, my usb plug under the fc is juuuust barely touching the lipo. if I don't get the lipo tray loosened up a tad I'm going to end up breaking the usb port off. I didn't need to add nuts under the fc to raise it up from the carbon, but it seems like I should probably do that to raise the fc up to protect the usb port.

Alternatively, just forgo the strap and use a normal battery strap or a rubber band and drop another 10-20 grams or something for the whole craft. Mine comes in at 148gm AUW. I'm totally happy with how it flies so I'm not gonna go full weight weenie on this one.

Some tight, technical flying with a quick track and some crashing. shows agility/durability. I crashed several times (fence/concrete/wall/fence) in this session and i can't even find a mark on the quad.

Maiden flight (with daylight) below. sorry the video is dark but you can see (if you've seen any of my yard track videos) that it's damn near as fast as my 5" quads in this space, but iI can actually turn on a dime and it's agile AF. it's easier to hold tighter lines with this thing for sure.

Update: dissassembled and added one nut under the fc to raise it about 1 mm. I now have clearance between usb and the lipo. no vertical real estate left between canopy and the VTX, it may just be making contact on the sides (which should have no effect on it unless I crash and somehow break the vtx).



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recon   May 27, 2020  

Looks super cool! Is 148 the dry weight?

Minichado   May 27, 2020 

148gm was weightwith lipo! now with LEDs i think im around 152-153gm in the air

Junnicutt   May 20, 2020  

Is that just a betaflight led animation?

Minichado   May 20, 2020 

yea, I have the arms set to larson scanner, and the body set to stay lit. then I put color on a knob on the radio so I can change it at will. All betaflight setup

tinyty   May 13, 2020  

It needs more LEDs though. I know a guy..... https://tinysleds.com/products/tiny-trainer-led-kit

Minichado   May 13, 2020 

they do look amazing. I will probably get the lights at for my second build

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