6" LR Badger V2

By DiAleksi on May 14, 2020

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I want to use iNav in my LR quad. That requires a compass, which is missing in BN-220 gps module. Got BN-880 and awesome Matek's F722-PX FC to try. So actually old Badger got partially rebuilt.

As compass is very sensitive to any nearby currents, I couldn't put it on the arm as I usually so. Have to design a rear mount for it.

Weight without battery and GoPro: 395g

Waiting for maiden and endurance measure.

UPDATE 2020-05-28: Got Twist-Lock plate cut from 3mm carbon fibre.

UPDATE 2020-06-03: Rear mount still caused problems with magnetometer. Too much electronics and motor's magnets are affecting on it. So had to put it on the mast above the quad. I had 9x5mm CF pipe, so modelled a mounts around it. See photos below.


Part List


Badger (17 builds)

Flight Controller

MATEK Systems F722-PX Flight Controller STM32F722 MPU6000 BMP280 Pixel OSD 32M Flash Blackbox for RC Drone Airplane


Airbot Furling 32 4in1 BLHELI_32 3-6S 4x45A Brushless ESC with F3 MCU ADC Current Sensor for RC Drone (7 builds)


4 x T-motor F60 Pro II 1750KV 3-6S Brushless Motor for RC Multirotor FPV Racing Drone (6 builds)


DAL T6040C Cyclone Tri-Blade (5 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Micro Eagle 1/1.8" CMOS 800TVL Global WDR 16:9/4:3 Switchable FPV Camera for RC Drone (308 builds)

FPV Transmitter

ImmersionRC Tramp VTX 5.8GHz (SMA) (4 builds)


Lumenier AXII 2 5.8GHz Long Range SMA Antenna - RHCP or LHCP (49 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Receiver (840 builds)


6 x 18650 Murata (Sony) VTC6 li-ion akkukenno - Ei suojapiiriä - Flat-top (8 builds)

3D Printed

BN-800 and SMA rear mount for Badger/Marmotte by DiAleksi
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3D Printed

Twist-Lock plate for Armattan Badger and Marmotte by DiAleksi (2 builds)
See Site

3D Printed

Badger Marmotte 9mm mast mount for BN-880 module by DiAleksi
See Site


Beitian BN-880 Flight Control GPS Module Dual Module Compass With Cable for RC Drone FPV Racing (24 builds)
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Ecbo   May 14, 2020  

Thats a very good LR quad

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