Doner Kebab 3"

By DrMacca on May 18, 2020

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This thing is just delightful.

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I've recently been focusing on 4" and 5" builds so much that I forgot just how much fun micros are! This one uses KebabFPV's BabyTooth toothpick frame with the Diatone F411 AIO and Mamba 1105 5500kv motors. Ideally, I would have liked to use the FPVCycle 1303 5000kv motors that Bob uses but I had the Mamba 1105's lying around already and they work just fine here. I got the first batch of the Runcam Nano 3s and it amazingly small (1.1g!) while the Rush Tiny Tank is probably my favourite VTX in terms of size and also stability and power.

The Doner Kebab comes in at 64g and I used a 2S 450mAh lipo (which adds another 30g).

I love this little guy!


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aroundaverage   May 25, 2020  

Only 2s? Surprising performance considering the lower kv!

DrMacca   Jun 05, 2020 

Thanks! I think with these small builds the weight a is a big factor and a 3S 450mAh is around 55-60g while a 2S 450mAH is around 30g - so perhaps that accounts for the performance?

aroundaverage   Jun 05, 2020 

Maybe it's like 6S vs 4s: - but on micros the extremes are amplified. You need a similar value in watt hours, so maybe something like a 3s 300mah, assuming things are just as efficient and powerful.

Abonacci   Jun 01, 2020  

What version of bf did you flash? Any fancy filtering setup? Having issues getting my 1303 build smoothed out.

DrMacca   Jun 05, 2020 

Hi! Sorry for the delay in reply! I believe I'm running Betaflight 4.1.6 (the most recent release before the started the 4.2 release candidates) - I'm just using the default PIDS and settings. I was lucky that it flew fine (at least to me) without any tweaking so I didn't bother to enable bi-directional D-shot and all the filter settings.

I DID have issues with another build that uses the HGLRC Zeus 35A AIO and Emax 1606 motors and I played with the filtering settings forever to try to get it to smooth out - eventually I just had to go to a field with a bunch of packs and play around with the PID tune. I am an imbecile when it comes to actually understanding PIDs so I basically stepwise lowered P for each axis by 5 points, then flew it for 30 seconds, landed, lowered D for each axis by 5 points, then flew it...and so on. Took me about 20 mins but I finally got it wobble free!

Abonacci   Jun 05, 2020 

It is sort of crazy how each build can be so unique in its flight characteristics. Im using the Sanchez air frame , 2mm for 1s and 3mm for 3s. I had to revert back to 3.5.7 as bob suggested for his TP3. It made an amaxing difference. Like, my video got better, no more noise in the video due to the improved vibration and noise handling.

DrewFPV   May 18, 2020  

Nice! I am building my own version of a BabyTooth

DrMacca   May 18, 2020 

Thanks! It's an awesome simple little frame! Excited to see what your build looks like!!! 👍

DrewFPV   May 19, 2020 

I am using a hx 100 se frame, as the babytooth framewas not in stock. I think the se frame might actually work better with my build.

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