DJI 82.5g 3" super light build

By Samw85 on May 18, 2020

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The name says it all: 3", 82.5g, vista, crossfire. what more do you need? :)

Super happy with the build and it rocks on 4S 450s.

Build is as simple as it gets: Build a toothpick bottom half, build the vista top half. put together and done.
The receiver has plenty of space between the FC and the vista so no worries.

I used the flyspeck bottom plate, but mainly just because I had one. I think any 3" toothpick bottom will do as long as the usb port fits through the bottom (makes for a lower build than the new "toothpick FCs" which have the usb on the side/top.

Here's some flight footage for you to enjoy!



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tinexd   Jan 20, 2022  
Bludz   Sep 20, 2020  

Cool builds mate :)

Jwzard   Jul 24, 2020  

Really nice build! Are you in stock pids? Were you having problems with prop wash and low throttle vibrations?

Samw85   Jul 24, 2020 


right now I am running the "freestyle" settings on BF4.2 with (tuning notes) and a throttle cap at 90%. it's not perfect but works good enough for me.


Jwzard   Aug 23, 2020 

How about the props? Did you find any with 2 mm hole or do you have to drill them?

Lukasyus   Aug 03, 2020  

Amazing build, thank you for sharing! Quick question: how did you mount the vista, considering it has 20mm mounting holes, while the fc has 25.5mm holes?

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Lukasyus   Aug 03, 2020 

Ah okay! Did you run into any durability or stability/flight performance issues as a result of the vista not being screwed down?

Samw85   Aug 03, 2020 

so far no. had quite some crashes, broke the frame twice, but no damage to the vista so far!

Lukasyus   Aug 04, 2020 

Great to hear, thanks! One last question: How do you like the motors? Are they powerful enough to carry the vista? They seem a bit small compared to the 1204 and 1404 motors other people are running on this type of setup

SirBounceALot   Jul 11, 2020  

That looks like an awesome little DJI toothpick. Will try to make it my first cinematic build as soon as the frame is available again. Any snowball's chance in hell you would be willing to share the BF dump? Thanks in advance :-)

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