Rocket Drone

By SoleburnerFPV on May 19, 2020

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Built to go fast... some day. It looks like crap and probably will crash and burn but it has been a fun project to bring together. Petg is ok for its rigidity but mega fragile so I wont be doing anything but flying in a straight line. :)
Shout out to Dave C for making the print files. I dont know how to model but I love to build. This project has been super fun!

Currently working on getting past the hovering stage.
Hovered today (5/19/20), it flew like a tank, but with a 4s 1000mAh it probably weighs more than some of my 5 inch builds. That being said, once it gets moving forward I think we might get to see some rather high numbers :).

Going to run on 4s for a while to maybe do a bit of tuning and then its off to 5s and 6s to really push it to its limits. 150mph or bust! (probably 99mph though)....

It flies!!! Terribly... but it flies! Ran it on 4s and it accelerates really slow, but with 6s I think it might just get some more SPEED

Tried it on 6s. It flew one pack on some slow props and then died the next pack. I think we are pretty much done with the micro speed category but I'm working on finding a way to build this as a 5 inch version. Here is the video :)



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Suteki   May 23, 2020  

I need to make one of these to fly into my friends groin.....

Kl79   May 21, 2020  

Nice, I'm looking to build one myself to Dave_C's specs....go mamba 6s...

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