APEX Mr Steele Lite

By G4Z on May 22, 2020

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This was my first KISS build- I had a "Dead Duck" issue when I first fired it up. After doing alot of process of elimination I figured out that the Taranis had the Channel 1 output set by default at around 1004 RPM idle which was below the min command and min throttle settings in the Kiss Configurator. I adjusted the channel output in Taranis to 1020 at idle and set Min command in Kiss GUI to 1000 and min throttle at 1050 so it all works as it should- I wass told by a friend that min command needs to be at least 1000 to automatically enable Air Mode in Kiss.

Now that I got it flying (just today) I see why people love using Kiss with crossfire- amazingly responsive and very tight- it'll take some time to get used to the stick precision needed. I love it so far. One of my favorite quads has been the reverb (i need to add it) with an F$ Fortini OSD board but now after flying this new quad it feels pretty slushy in the air. This is a whole new chapter. I also just finished rebuilding my 5" Alien with KIss V2 and Kiss 25a individual ESCs ! And now I want to build a 6s Apex. Took a break from FPV for a while but totally back in now- way back in!



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uomobionico   May 24, 2020  

hi G4Z, any chance of some pictures of the build or how the connections are made?
that would be super helpfull (for me of course) :-)

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G4Z   May 24, 2020 

Nope sorry- damn iphone takes photos in a .heic format (high efficiency image compression) and stores somewhere on my macbook where it's very hard to find and convert to a jpeg format for uploading here- frustrating. From now on I'll have to take photos for documentation on my nikon so I can actually use them! Apple has become more and more frustrating over time.

G4Z   May 24, 2020 

ok- figured thatv out- here's a few

uomobionico   May 24, 2020 

wow G4Z thanks a lot- really appreciated

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