Beta85X DJI Digital Caddx Nebula Nano & Crossfire

By wrong17 on Jun 04, 2020

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I moved everything off of the Beta95X frame to a Beta85X. Since the iFlight Alpha A85 release I wanted to try and build something that is similar in size. I cannot even come close to the 6 minutes of flight time iFlight is getting. I get on an average flight of 3 minutes with a GNB 3S 520mah lipo. Keep in mind, I never charge the HV lipos past 4.2v per cell. One of the best thing about this smaller frame is NO DUCTS in the video!!! Even with the camera at zero angle, still not ducts in view.

Caddx Nebula Nano

So far, the only good thing about the Nebula is the lower cost. The 4g weight difference is next to nothing and the lower image quality is not worth the 4g that I am saving. After having the Nebula for a few months, I got use to the “Fog of War” look.


After testing a few different props, I settled with HQ Prop Durable T2x2x4 Quad-Blade. Like with all the 4 blade props, it had the best cornering. I also liked the DAL Cyclone props but I see a lot a jello when I fly outside with them. The Emax 2.3 tri blade that was custom cut to 2” had the best low end thrust but lacked the efficiency like the HQ 2x2x4 props.

Aug 09, 2020 - BiDirectional DSHOT Enabled & RPM Filtering

I finially took the time to watch some youtube video about setting up Bi-Directional DSHOT and RPM filters. The quad is using BLHeli_S I had to flash a custom firmware on to the BetaFPV AIO board. I followed this guide to installe the correct ESC firmware:

Then I used this guide to setup the RPM Filtering:

My first flight with the new firmware and rpm filtering, I gained almost one more minute of flight time. The is a huge improvement considering I was only getting 3 mintues of flite before these changes.

Here is a video of the first flight with bidirectional DSHOT and RPM Filtering



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