TorqueFPV Hornet HD 3"

By Furadi on Jun 09, 2020

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Hey folks! My first rotorbuilds post... People have been asking for pics of my Hornet 3" build to see how I have my caps installed. Those are 2 16v 220uf low esr FR series caps. They're needed to suppress voltage spikes from freezing out the DJI FPV feed.

AUW is 159g with the Tattu lipos and runtime is up to 3:00.

Here's the vlog going over why this build is special for me -

Some random flight footage from my house -



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etceteraw   Jun 21, 2020  

is the cap on your fc necessarry? it seemed like you already have a cap on your xt30 connector

9volt   Jun 22, 2020 

It might not be necessary but additional protection and voltage smoothing can only help.

Furadi   Jun 23, 2020 

The 2 caps are specifically because I had a video freeze with 1 25v 330uf cap on the vista (and the included cap on the pigtail). The DJI system is very vulnerable to voltage spikes. So in my case the 3 caps are needed but you could probably get away with the included cap plus a single bigger low esr cap on the esc and or vista.

Alextkd2003   Nov 29, 2020 

Hi Furadi, Can you tell me it is ok to install two 470 uf capacitors, one for the xt30 connector and one for the vista?

Pksteffen   Jul 27, 2020  

Thank you for sharing this! I've been waiting for micro HD and this build is the entry way into digital for me. Frame is ordered and goggles and air unit are next. Thanks for sharing the cap and build info! You rock!!

beaMfpv   Jun 24, 2020  

Does this frame use M2 or M3 hardware? Does it come with the necessary hardware? If not, what did you use?

Furadi   Jun 26, 2020 

m2 and it comes with it!

9volt   Jun 12, 2020  

Do you know how to use the T6/R6 pads? I'd really like to build this with GPS on the third UART. I don't understand why it doesn't show in the Ports tab. Thanks for the help.

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kwadkenstine   Jun 12, 2020 

Strange it also shows 2 tx2 pads

9volt   Jun 17, 2020 

SOLVED! There's a BetaFPV article titled "How to Enable UART6", but you have to change the second command to "resource SERIAL_RX 11 B10". I'm putting GPS on this bad boy.

Dax   Jun 22, 2020 

Thank God! I have been wrestling with this as a noob for a week. Hopefully this will solve my missing OSD and low power issues.

longshot   Jun 09, 2020  

What quad antenna would you recommend for someone who isn't using crossfire? I use a dji radio. Thanks!

Furadi   Jun 12, 2020 

ah in that case even the whip antenna would be fine or the stock vista antenna.

lukad   Jun 11, 2020  

I already ordered a couple of parts for my build and then I find out they don't ship this frame internationally. :(
Do you guys know of a similar frame?

FletchPV   Jun 09, 2020  

I've had this frame pre-ordered since the moment TorqueFPV made it available... your posts just get me more pumped! Clean build 👍

Dropkickjohnny   Jun 09, 2020  

Amazong it hasnt even a year into digital fpv and we already have stuff this small. Great build!

Furadi   Jun 09, 2020 


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