ATILLA the Mountain Destroyer FR7

By DaveRips on Jun 09, 2020

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After starting with Micros...building my first 3"...and then getting into 5"...I realized I had to build a 7" too. That's how it works right? In all seriousness I sometimes get to fly in really huge open spaces, so i wanted to build something that could cover a little more ground. I didn't really realize I was diving into a deep new Long Range rabbit hole...but it helps that for now I've kept it pretty mellow and haven't gone past 2 miles out.

Issues with the build...I had a long week troubleshooting an arming issue which ended up being due to the Camera losing 5V upon arming because the LED/buzzer tailight was pulling too much voltage. I ended up just losing the tailight/buzzer and adding a ViFly free standing module. Other than that the tuning was a little tricky so still running 3.5.7, but everything went together great.

I started with a 3300mah 75C pyro pack. I flew that for maybe five cycles and then I picked up two new 5000mah 40c cnhl black packs, so now I have three packs total. I can really let loose with the 75C 3300mah Pyropack (love it, minus the price) but I found I had to stay pretty mellow on the throttle with the 5000's to avoid sagging (running 2408.5 1622kv). Either way glad to be able to fly a little longer!

Here's an edit from my first time out flying the 3 big packs. I love this thing! Definitely weird getting used to the 35 degree cam angle but it's so fast you need it. I also have a little cable to connect two batteries, so if I smash my 5" quad and still have 6S packs left over I just strap them to this thing and rip it!

FR7 V5
Hyperlite 2408.5 1622kv motors
Brain Radix FC
Hobbywing 60amp ESC
TBS Unify Pro32 VTX
Foxeer Falkor 2
Crossfire TX/ Diversity RX
True RC long Singularity Antenna
HQ prop 7x4x3 prop
Gopro Hero 8 + ND
3300mah 6S 75C
5000mah 6S 40C

Taranis X9 Lite + Crossfire tx lite
HDO2 + Rapidfire



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pothman   12 days ago  

Wow, I fly all the time in Tujunga. searching up 7 inch motors, been flying mid range with my 5 inch and want to stretch my legs a bit more. Nice build and flying.

DaveRips   9 days ago 

Nice! Yeah it's fun finding spots up there off the 2. I could probably do most of this with the 5", but the 7" has a cruising speed of 50-70mph and that's just awesome. The 5" feels like a toothpick compared to this thing! Find me on instagram @daverips_ if you ever want to fly, I'm always looking for people to fly with!

DaFrenchToastMafia   25 days ago  

Nice video man! I'm looking to build something similar. What kind of flight time do you usually get with the 5000 mah battery?

DaveRips   20 days ago 

I get 8-10 minutes with the 5000mah, flying fast but I have to avoid hard punchouts or they sag quite a bit. With the 3300mah I get 5-8 minutes but can just absolutely go all out.

Jwestfpv   Jun 09, 2020  

whats your tune look like i just recently built one an mine is blasting off on arming

DaveRips   28 days ago 

Im running BF 3.5.7 on a Brain Radix fc. Running RPM filtering. It flew fine on stock PIDS for cruising but I cranked the pids pretty high for acro stuff.

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