Badger the midrange cruiser

By miromir237 on Jun 14, 2020

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I wanted some midrange cruiser and since I was pretty happy with Armattan Marmotte I've chosen Badger with 6" arms. There is enough room for DJI Airunit together with all other components and top plate can carry quite a big battery.

I had to wait a bit for all the parts due corona situation but the build went quite fine. I did a soldering mistake and connected powerleads. Fortunately I noticed that but spend quite some time fixing it. Cutting out Ummagrip to fit top plate cutouts was also fun (do not recommend). I've also printed RX antenna holder for the front as I want to test how this placement will work for me.

The maiden did not went that well. ESC or FC did some reset, quad fell down and FC died. I've send it back to FETtec and until they do their investigation I am using KISSv1. All works fine (GPS, DJI-MSP, etc.) but there is not enough UARTs so I am currently missing ESC telemetry.

The Bubblegum K2 props do not work that well for this build. Too much vibration going to FC causing all sorts of tunning issues. Not suer if more capacitance or different frame/motor would fix that but I've put Gemfan 6042x3 on and it's flying like a charm. Feels bit like plane compared to 5" Marmotte. Flight time looks promising. At least with Hero7 it feels much better than on 5".



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