Acrobrat Duo & Amazon Knocrobrat

By SD_AE86 on Jun 17, 2020

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This was intended to be a budget build based off of left over parts from previous builds...ordering budget items that I can abuse a bit and not feel bad about putting it in the dirt.... it was also an accumulation of sneaking small items into wifes daily amazon prime order lists without her knowledge during these previous months of quarantine...

So far it flies well, its fun, it didnt catch on fire when I punch out, and it takes jello free 1080 hd video with a run cam split micro

Started off with a knockoff Acrobrat frame on amazon iflight succex-e mini fc, then a slew of spare parts I had a tbs nano pro 32 I had left over from wrecking my tinyhawk along with the r9mm ota rx, and spare bn180 gps puck.
Spent roughy less than $200 for a mini quad with gps. the akk 1407 3500kv motors do a decent job and arent too hungry with amp draw... I would suggest a little higher kv for better throttle management.

Im not going to lie but this quad is heavy for a 3" quad...shes like a chubby chick with a cute face....after a case of 4 locos....ehhh....I guess it works.
To get a good 5-6 minute flight time I am using a chunky 850 4s pack , expect a about 4 minutes pulling heavy acro and punching the throttle. Going to test with a Zohd 3500 4S Lion pack to see what kind of flight times I can get on slo flo flying without it blowing up....

Flys ok with stock pids..but definitely needs to be tuned was it experiencing some oscillations & washout

In this flight went for a mid range cruise to a little over 1km, this was after swapping all the amazon knock off frame components to an actual Ummgawd Acrobrat Duo frame to get props out of view since the arms on the duo are more swept back. I had ditched the 400mw TBS nano 32 VTX for a $19 AKK ultimate 1000mw VTX from amazon and got significantly farther range ....
The problem you will run into with the duo frame is the runcam split 3 lens is short so the camera mount/cage will be in view in the HD recording since the FOV is 165 but it wont show in your FPV feed.

Ordered a RC25g lens as its slight longer and has a narrower FOV. I had also tested Azure power 3" props for free style & HQ 3" props for cinematice ranged flying.

With this setup the battery seems to be the limiting factor in how far you can send it.

(UPDATE 8/23), video with new rc25g lens and 1080p footage Upscaled to 4k:



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grabejud   Jun 28, 2021  

hows the gps working out for you? how long to get a lock? coz I'm planning mine to have a basic gps for semi long range flight, just dunno where is the optimum spot to place it to get good lock and less interference to other components.

SD_AE86   Jun 29, 2021 

zip tied it to that top standoff in the picture seems to be the best spot away from anything that causes interference. gets lock in about 10-15 seconds on cold starts.

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