invasive species - toothpicks 😀

By matthew saigon on Jun 19, 2020

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don't use canopy like mine. you should use better canopy with more protection. i built it this way just for testing and also letting people know that toothpicks are invading 5" quads :)

the control is great. efficiency is great. very long flight time, great for practicing and fun.
this is my first and only 5" quad, so i don't have anything to compare it to.

weight: 129g ( with better protection and camera, it should weigh 10g more )
props: gemfan 5125
motors: brotherhobby vy 2004 1950kv
frame: Racer X ET5 ( i cut the frame up to save some weight )
board: Diatone Mamba 25a aio whoop board
cam/vtx: mobula7 aio cam/vtx
receiver: frsky xm+
batteries: 4s 550mah - 850mah

PID is in the picture. it's good for this setup and weight. your build should be a bit heavier, 139g. and you should move " P and D gain " slider move a bit, like 1.4, if needed.
note: i need to learn to fly better.

more practicing and trying to get used to 5in quad.



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Samiel2d   21 days ago  

nice build. i went from a 3s 3” ultra light build to a 1s 3" build and man is it fun. went back to the 3s build and i didn't feel like i was really in control of the darn thing. the thought of a 5" build that is well sub 250g from my perspective is insanely fast.

matthew saigon   21 days ago 

i'm new at fpv and still learning. so what i think might not turn out to be true.

the feel and the speed is about the same as 3s or 4s ultra light 3". it's pretty slow. you should feel right at home.
3s X 5000kv = 15000kv whereas this build, 4s X 2000kv = 8000kv, so it's a 5in but the kv is very low, about half of 3in.

So you might think, why on earth would i build a 5in quad if it's that slow ? for one, i've built it because i'm curious. two, i've built it to test out a theory in my head.
it has the same speed as an ultra light 3" quad, but it somehow feels different. and i think it would make it easy for me to learn certain tricks. tricks that require air/hang time. once i've learned how to do those tricks i can go back and learn how to do them with smaller sizes like 3" quads or 2.5" or 2"

Samiel2d   21 days ago 

there's no way that your build is slower than my 3s 3" which is by no means slow. at 55ish degrees on the camera and full boogy im looking in excess of 80mph. my 1s build might hit 20mph with all the camera angle i can give it. i built a similar build with parts from a old Walkera rodeo that had more grunt and top end with the craptastic props that I had. it was fun but a tree jumped out at me and I couldn't dodge it in time. my main problem with a 5 in is a safe place to be able to fly and really give it hell

matthew saigon   21 days ago 

it's true. it has about the same speed as 3s 3". but if you want it to be faster you can use 5s or 6s.

Somebody   21 days ago  

Man, thats cool. What battery were you using for that flight in the first video? INSANE flighttime on that thing

matthew saigon   21 days ago 

it was 4s 850mah.

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