The King 7"

By Zakre256 on Jul 04, 2020

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completed this awesome build. This frame has plenty of room (dual stacks) and is super light. very well balanced. the motors are brotherhobby avenger 2810 1500kv, they have crazy power for spinning any 7in prop. im getting 10 min of mixed flight with a pyrodrone 2200 mah 6s. running emuflight and it flies like a dream.



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Jodie Froster   Jul 04, 2020  

Fascinating frame design. I looked at the profile without the 3d printed contour panels, and it looked like the cam would face a different direction.

Zakre256   Jul 05, 2020 

I agree, i have a thing for looking for super unique frames and this really stuck out to me. this frame is super light and balanced I am honestly really impressed.

SirCrashaLot   10 hours ago 

They did design their own DCL frame and that is what was born after.
Big fan of crisscross here.

Knockout3DFPV   Jul 05, 2020  

This frame is what i imagine an F1 racing drone would look like, I think it'd be sick with some sponsor stickers on it. Excellent build!

dafunk   Jul 13, 2020 

I like those fun analogies
I see this frame and I see a racing sledge... For F1 racing drone I found the inspiration in the raging droner with the shark fin

dafunk   Jul 13, 2020  

Sick frame !

BluescreenISU   Jul 05, 2020  

Can you say something about Motor (Kv) and Props you fly with?
I have 2200mAh 5S Lipos, what Kv Motor should i use with 7" triblade?

Zakre256   Jul 05, 2020 

I just changed the description at the top of the build page. I recommend at least 1200kv on 5s. but i highly recommend using the brotherhobby 2810 1500kv or the brotherhobby 2806.5 motors.

BluescreenISU   Jul 05, 2020 

Is motor mount 19mm or 16mm or both?

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