Frame up

By kwadkenstine on Jun 21, 2020

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There are many ways to do what i am doing , i am not a expert in anything , but giving it a go is what keeps me sane.
So there you have it, Now to finish off and make it pretty, Sanding , gell coat and filling a few small voids.
You all know how to do the electronics so i wont bother with that untill the new stack and motors get here, they landed in sydney au yesterday , should get to me in about 3 weeks.



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svosprey   Jun 24, 2020  

Boat builder here. Not a bad effort for being self taught.

Look here:

Stack and grind will work but learning to orient your fabric and vacuum bagging will yield better results. Don't breathe that carbon dust or grind in the house. It can fly places and ruin sensitive electronics.

kwadkenstine   Jun 24, 2020 

Hi , thanks for the link, I live in the back of beyond and getting the consumables to bag it is hard but i will have a go,
thanks again

Pairadime   Jun 21, 2020  

damn! thats inspirational

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