Big Baby X8 Shendrone Octo

By Kcajjack on Jun 23, 2020

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Pain to build, but worth it.

Part List


Big Baby Beta

Flight Controller

SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG 2-6S TwinG Flight Controller (ICM20689) (2 builds)


2 x NewBeeDrone Infinity305 3-6s 4n1 ESC (45A + 55A Burst) (9 builds)


8 x Ethix Flat Rats 1507 2800kv (4 builds)


2 x HQ Prop T3X2.5X3 Durable Tri-Blade 3" Prop - Grey (4 builds)

FPV Camera

DJI Digital HD FPV Air Unit (117 builds)


CNHL MiniStar 1250MAH 22.2V 6S 70C Lipo Battery (4 builds)
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rixx   17 days ago  

looool this looks like the shendrones thicc!! baby thicc maybe??

kwadkenstine   18 days ago  

Sooo Coool , you beat me to it

Jayembee67   18 days ago 

The gauntlet has been thrown down, sirrah! ;-)

kwadkenstine   18 days ago 

Yes Im already going through my parts bin , Ive only got 4 inch stuff tho , Only yesterday i bought a gopro 7,
And have decided to build a bunch o x8s to haul it about, I like the fact i can lose a motor or 4 and still fly,

Jayembee67   17 days ago 

Good man! I would expect NOTHING less! ;-)

Jayembee67   18 days ago  

Oh. A 3" X8...? Nice. How is it flying? I watched Nurk's test flight, and that was interesting. What kind of flight times are you getting?

Kcajjack   18 days ago 

Have only taking it for a few flights so far. The best way i can describe is it is really stable. Feels like a cinewhoop a low speeds, but a 5" at high speeds. In freestyle, it feels really grippy.

Jayembee67   18 days ago 

Hrm... now you are tempting me! ;-) Yes, I know that X8 grip and locked-in feeling, I like it, but I've only flown big X8s... which require a lot of room to fly, and well away from people. So they don't get flown much. But a lil' 3" X8, now that is an interesting option! Any chance of posting some more photos? I'd really like to see how you got it all in there. But either way, good work!

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