Karearea Talon V2 (Prototype)

By Suteki on Jun 30, 2020

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This is the final pre-release prototype of the Talon V2 which is now available.

The frame consists of injection mould plastic developed for aerodynamic efficiency in forward flight while maintaining lateral grip while cornering. Injection mould plastics were chosen for this frame so that the design could be as streamline as possible using an aerofoil shape to minimise drag while increasing durability.

For the final version the mould was polished to give a better finish and decrease frictional drag.

Frame was tested with production version pod / canopy as well as the 3D printed pod I have traditionally run as my own preference of situating the camera lower and more directly in line with roll center.



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thegreen4me   Jul 01, 2020  

very expensive for a plastic frame. $60 for an oversized whoop frame basically.

Suteki   Jul 01, 2020 

Over sized whoop frame?

Nabla   Jul 02, 2020 

Seriously you think this is expensive? - Considering everything that goes in to producing a mold this large, ~$60 is cheap.

NMistic   Jul 23, 2020 

agree, carbon fibre frames cost as

WizzX   Jul 05, 2020  

sorry for 3 posts, slow connection :)

Suteki   Jul 05, 2020 

All good mate and yeh, it's a well thought out design

WizzX   Jul 05, 2020  

I really like how aerodynamic are those arms, there must be so little lost of motor power on them.

Nabla   Jul 02, 2020  

What is the dry weight?

Suteki   Jul 03, 2020 

you know I never really bothered to weigh it because it never factors that greatly for me, but finish weight is 330g with Spitfire props in this config.

its by no means a light weight but its not super ridiculous. My Talon PR weighs about 10g less but feels heavier.

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