Hi I’m Timmy from planet Glaxon

By butcher51 on Jul 01, 2020

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What should I say? This project was fun :D

My inspiration was DCL game, in there I saw something similar. Of course my first thought was like "I need this". Luckily I had a not used Diatone 2019 GT R349, and a Reptile CLOUD-149HD frame. The body is 3d printed, there are 28 leds in it, and Timmy's eye is the camera. It's a heavy build, it's not to fast, but that's not the point. The windshield is from a snowglobe-like plastic toy.

I hope you like it :)



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ꓘamiKwadze   14 days ago  

HA!! This is so awesome! Great build, great vids! It looks amazing!

moe   17 days ago  

that is the best quad ive seen in ages, the fun you could have with that lol, video of it in the bando is amazing

bootbox   21 days ago  

Are you sure you didn't use the Predator Micro and not the Nano? The cutout in the head is 19mm wide, which is Micro sized, not Nano.
edit: another quick note, mostly for anyone like me buying parts to build one for themselves, the frame linked in the parts list is not the right version. You'll need the Reptile CLOUD-149HD - the regular one in the link above won't work (ask me how I know)

butcher51   18 days ago 

Omg you're right, its the HD frame! Sorry I change it now. however the camera is the nano, It fits in the head piece perfectly :)

bootbox   27 days ago  

This is awesome! I've bought all the parts to build one, but can you link to the plastic toy you used for the windshield?

edit: is it this? http://www.incrediblescience.com/volcanic-eruptions.html

butcher51   21 days ago 

Yes it's similar I think!

newtoon   22 days ago  

Hey ! Go on youtube to see my old similar work and search "3d printed UFO cc3d" (1st vid)

NOTCHBAD   29 days ago  

Hi, can i know what props and lipos you are using?

butcher51   29 days ago 

Props: Gemfan 75mm Ducted Props PC 3-Blade Propeller
Battery : 450mah 4s didn't remember who are the manufacturer exactly :D

NOTCHBAD   29 days ago  

This is freaking cool and Little Timmy is on F7 when all my builts are in F4... he is so alien-advanced technology! LOL! Awesome project! This bring me lots of joy!

kisselcj@gmail.com   Jul 09, 2020  


Somebody   Jul 06, 2020  

Truly ingenious. I laughed so loud when I saw the eye was the camera. So cool. This is bonkers.

CarbonRain   Jul 02, 2020  

Stuff like this is why I love this site, people being super creative and coming up with bonkers flying machines!

Rudygon   Jul 02, 2020  

Most excellent! nice detail, love the landing gear. stylish and functional.

DannerD3H   Jul 02, 2020  

Genious xD

fovea   Jul 01, 2020  

could you share your design?

butcher51   Jul 02, 2020 
fovea   Jul 02, 2020 

thank you for sharing your build and the design :-)

Locng   Jul 01, 2020  

Super cool! Brilliant design!

OptimaZe   Jul 01, 2020  

Hi Timmy! Nice to meet you. You're very cool!

Jayembee67   Jul 01, 2020  

Alright. You win. I think the rest of us can pack up and go home... :-)

This is brilliant.

butcher51   Jul 01, 2020 

Wow, thank you :D

Jayembee67   Jul 01, 2020 

There are a lot of lovely X-quads out there, I have some myself, but seeing something truly inventive and unique is a real treat! And when an outlandish idea works out as well as this one did, well, serious props to you! (pun likely intended...) :-)

DrMacca   Jul 01, 2020 

I'm going to echo what Jayembee67 said; the rest of us need to pack it in because I think you just 'won' FPV! lol Amazing, amazing design and implementation!

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