Tyrocodile 129 Geprc (crocodile)

By SD_AE86 on Jul 03, 2020

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So I decided to rip apart my backup tyro 129 and remix it... I wasn't a big fan of the bottom mount battery system as I dont like how it just dangles the battery and carries the sagging goods like a high school prom queen on her 40th birthday.

I was fond of the geprc crocodile frame with all the room on the top plate for large batteries... but wasnt willing to take chances with Banggood after they lost two shipments and my last order was almost a 4 month ship time...

So I found a Geprc crocodile 7" frame at racedayquads (the best guys in the business for parts eff you banggood ) and a runcam split micro for a good deal and decided to rip apart the tyro 129 and put all its components into new frame. And to give it better range... picked up a AKK race ranger 1000mw vtx from amazon $20. Turns out it the Race Ranger is a direct plug and play for the Tyro 129 with no need to repin or solder!

Everything went well until adding the top plate...the fc stack with vtx is much too tall by about 3mm, so I ended up mounting the vtx up front hovering over the runcam split board and am running a 8" mccx to sma connector all the way to back tpu mount so I could still have room to strap a gopro to the front if I wanted to with no forward antennas in the way.

This thing is massive.... and it flys ok with the stock tyro129 tune but I'll definitely be playing with the pids to dial it, in smooth out the small jitters and throttle jello. I strapped a 5000mah 100c battery and got a little more than 16 minutes cruising but trying to snap roll or pull of any acro is waay sketchy... give your self some altitude. It pulls off mild freestyle better with a 3000mah battery which is still heavy AF but gives you around 10-11minutes of flight time.



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