Picklepick 3"

By Chrswn on Jul 03, 2020

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These HGLRC motors are very quiet and very smooth. Combine them with the Avan 3x2.4 or Avan 2.3" props and it becomes a very stealthy park flyer. I choose this particular 3 in 1 camera for its ability to input betaflight osd from the FC. I originally intended flying it on 2s 350mah lipos, but the batteries couldn't handle the amp draw. 450 is much better. Light freestyle leads to 5 min flight time with the battery resting around 7.3v

AUW with 2s 450mah is 74g (45g dry).



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Nikotttin   Jul 12, 2020  

my 1103s 7500 draw much more than the 6A/ESC you have with the tower, especially on 3'' triblades. Aren't you concerned?
Did you put a throttle cut?

for low pitch, the Gemfan 3018 are
good and stealthy too ;)

Chrswn   Jul 12, 2020 

the hglrc 1103's are not notchy kotors at all, so they dont have as much power as some other 1103's. however, this also means they tend to draw less amps. I cut off the top 5% or so since i dont get any more thrust in that range anyways.
i like the 2018's but i really like the avans for some reason. i run them on all my 3" setups.
what 1103's are you using?

Nikotttin   Jul 12, 2020 

i'm using the Amaxinno... Not notchy at all :) but a max current of 8A per motor. So I went for an AIO fc with 10A...
works very nicely! need to try these Avan then :)

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