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By tylerbradley2016 on Jul 11, 2020

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to start this build off by admitting this is only my second build, it took me what feels like forever to pick out the parts specific to what I wanted this quad to do. The purpose of this quad is to be able to achieve both mid-long range flights, and do a little bit of freestyle, with everything being very cinematic. I will be using a hero 7 to film, and I got the reelsteady gopro mount from racedayquads custom 3D printing service. This build had its ups and downs including TWO smoked motors, and worst of all, I cannot even fly it yet because i'm still waiting on my tango 2 to ship!

This was somewhat of a budget build for me, as I did not want to be spending $20+ on motors, after a-lot of research I decided to go with the XING-E 2207. This will be my first time flying 2207 sized motors as I hear good things about them. The motors on my other quad are cheap samguk 2306 motors, so it will be a good upgrade for me.

The most difficult thing for me to pick out was the frame, what made this so difficult was almost every frame I had in mind was out of stock. I was previously looking at 6'' apex, xhover, hyperlow, and pirat frames. I finally stumbled upon the Super G which I thought would work perfect due to it being a 5.5'' frame.

I decided to go with the Bardwell f4 stack. I had thought about putting KISS in this build, but it was a little bit too expensive and I am already familiar with betaflight due to my previous build.

I decided to also get the TBS M8 GPS. I thought it was definitely worth the $10, especially if I am going to be flying a couples miles out. At this point I have not been able to set it up due to it being in the same order as my tango 2.... ughhhhhh

The total weight is 709g's with battery and gopro hero 7.


  • Two of my motors smoked when I first tried to change direction in betaflight under the motors tab... it had passed the smoke test and it turned out it was just a bad ESC. RDQ sent me a new ESC for free. I highly recommend buying from them. Amazing customer service
  • It was also pretty hard to find a spot to mount the TBS crossfire nano, Ill probably end up changing it because the zip ties interfere with the lipo, and the capacitor that sits under it could probably undo the connector in a crash or bump.
  • I also had trouble finding a way to soft mount the ESC and FC (didnt have alot of room due to small standoff). IT WAS SO HARD to get the gummies in the 4 in 1 ESC. I ended up just not using them.
  • Anther big issue I had was originally soldering the XT60, I knew something was off and it took me about 2 hours to finally get it. I tried to fix this in many ways. I ordered a new tip for my ts100, and I got a new power supply. It turned out the issue the whole time was the solder I was using. It said it was 60/40 rosin core, but when I went to the hardware store and got new solder and my joints flowed PERFECTLY without any issues.

I will also be posting the first couple flights from the GoPro when I get my T2.

also, I downgraded the photos to a super low resolution, RotorBuilds was not letting me post them at 100% quality.

Also, thanks to everyone here that posts builds! I got so much material from this website and it helped me narrow down the parts I chose.



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SplintFPV   17 days ago  

Can I ask which gopro mount did you use? Was trying to find something similar on thingiverse with no luck.

tylerbradley2016   17 days ago 
SplintFPV   16 days ago 


Joshua   25 days ago  

Nice job!
Do you happen to know how well this build would work well with a 3 cell 2200 mAh battery?
If not no worries I just happen to have a few of those batteries on hand.

tylerbradley2016   24 days ago 

Hi Joshua! i cant imagine this build would work well with 3 cell batteries. i specifically build this around using 6 cell batteries. Most freestyle builds are going to use 4-6 Cells and that will change what kv the motors you use are going to be. Also, 2200 mAah sounds SUPER high, id only use that if your gonna do very long range flights!

Tyrdle   Jul 11, 2020  

what a G

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