X8 Big Baby

By HK-AERIAL VTOL on Jul 04, 2020

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Andy says this is a beta because he doesn't know where it fits into FPV. Who cares... this little monster is the illest thing to hit the block. Rigs with more than 4 motors are usually huge, and I'm a real micro-buff. As usual: Hyperlites. On the old 'Shen-site they depicted a 6S, and so I waited for my chance to get these 'Pyro spinners. A 6S 14XX motor is kinda rare. HGLRC FD's, Tornados, and Hyperlites are the only ones I can think of. My shrine to PyroDrone motors grows!

HGLRC provided me with the guts*. Their Zeus 722 has what I really want when I build an X8: 8 DSHOT outputs. It just makes this kinda thing easier. That FC flavor is starting to become more prevalent, but not the norm yet. My first 3" quads ran HGLRC stacks and they were very stable, and so when I had the chance to review something from them I chose the F760 stack and an extra Forward 60A. That's right - I went bonkers here. 2 60A ESCs for a 3". As much current as these 8 motors can draw possibly draw from them will always 100% of the time be on tap. To produce a fair and review we are sticking with the 3x4x3 HQ V1S. Just meat and potatoes.


*Full Disclosure: I was given the stack and extra ESC by a HGLRC promotional campaign. I will always give an honest opinion of components and want to maintain credibility in doing that.


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