Darth Cube

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Jul 12, 2020

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This is my first build ever. I've flown whoops and 3'' cinewhoops for while and got bored, I saw this frame and couldn't look away. I want to thank the whole fpv community for the shared knowledge and inspiration.

The frame, structural wise, is not as complex as it appears. You need to figure out some interlocking joints but overall it was not hard. The real challenge was the inconsistency of those joints. I had to use a filer on more than half of them. And it cost me over an hour just to scrap joints to fit them together. But hey for a budget frame I can't ask for too much.

Beware of the motor screws, if you screw too hard, it could bent the carbon plates on the corner, so I think loctite is a must for this frame, or you'll have to be real careful about the screw length. The whole thing is held together by 4 standoffs (8 screws) plus 16 motor screws and Lego-like joints.

The space for electronics is ok for a full size stack. I opted for motor wires on the sides and xt-60 coming from behind, because I don't want my capacitor to dangle from the side. The space between the rear standoffs can barely fit the xt-60 lead, the capacitor, and a SMA antenna. I think I will make some adjustment to this part later to make it more compact.

The camera mount that comes with the frame kit is much less than ideal, you should be able to find 3D printed parts that fit this standoff size.

It weighs 347g with props, battery strap, and a carbon battery plate on, and without battery.

Post maiden flight:

-Crashed during my first pack, because I didn't lock down the antenna mount, only used a weak zip tie. It wobbled between the rear motors and eventually hit a prop during a punch out. The quad either went into failsafe or straight up lost control. It felt from at least 100 to 150 feet high to the grass, with no visible damage other than a some scratches from the antenna on the motor 3 props. I dusted it off and secured the antenna, took off and never had this issue again.

-I'm running BF 4.2 stock pids with RPM filtering settings recommended by Joshua Bardwell. The flight was THE most quiet I've ever had, quieter than my 3'' 4s rig, 6s cinewhoop (though this big boy is a chainsaw), and Mavic Air 2. And I was getting solid 8-minute flight time on CNHL Black Series 1100mah 6s landing at 3.8v. Sags were minimum. Post flight the motors were, dare I say, cold as ice. Even my water bottle was warmer after 10 minutes under the sun.

-The frame holds lines very well, and handles sharp turns well. But it was kind of floaty during big stretched out turns. These 1700kv motors don't have the craziest punch out, and the quad is heavy for a racer so it might also be the weight. But I'm a sucker for those LED motors. It glows brighter with more throttle lol.



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Kl79   28 days ago  

How do the updated front and back plates do? I just transplanted the contents of my oblivion (due to cracks without crashing) to this frame.

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   28 days ago 

I started out with the arm upgrades so I have no idea how it would fly without them. They do make the quad a bit heavy for a racer, making it 347g with a battery strap and a battery plate on. And I don't believe they add on any performance benefit, they are mostly a durability feature, and imo they make the frame look cooler.

One thing I like about them is they simplify the assembly. With the base kit you need four corner pieces on both front, now it's two long plates. Sorry for your cracked oblivion, I think you'll enjoy source V it's a very unique frame to build and fly.

Kl79   27 days ago 

Nice one thanks, Just took it out for a maiden today with no prob's. Mine is a pure LOS build. Recommened the 3D printed arm guards. I'll post my rebuild when I get time.

tekano   Jul 14, 2020  

ha I saw this this on Reddit and I was the one recomended the star wars tone on esc_32s

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Jul 14, 2020 

haha thanks for recommending that! That was super super dope. I bookmarked that video, but I'm gonna do two more flights before I change my tune to that. I have to make sure it won't be an expendable TIE after letting out that imperial march.

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