2203 3450kv 3s

By matthew saigon on Jul 08, 2020

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it flies just like a " toothpick ", just bigger and faster, good control.
it flies about 30% faster and 30% heavier than my 4s brotherhobby 2004 2000kv. so i still need to get used to it.

weight: 159g dry
batteries: i'm using 3s 850mah in the video, but 1100mah are recommended.
motors: fpvcycle 2203 3450kv
frame: RacerX ET5 ( i just chopped off the braces )
FC/esc: Diatone Mamba 25a 4s whoop board
props: gemfan SL 5125
camera: runcam phoenix 2 nano
VTX: PandaRC nano 16x16 400mW
receiver: R-Xsr

PID is good, not great ( a good starting point )
betaflight 4.2 without RPM filter ( in the picture )

note: i fly in small space in the video, but of course it can fly in bigger space
i'm using 3s 1100mah in this video.

i'm using 3s 850mah in this video.

more practice.



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DBC   29 days ago  

I just finished a similar build. How do you like them compared to the 2004? I bent two of the 2203 motors during a super minor accident (clipped a bush and fell about 4 feet after disarming. So I wasn't sure I wanted to go with them again. I've been looking at the 2004 BR motors or the xnova 1804. Thoughts?

matthew saigon   29 days ago 

i like fpvcycle 2203 more than BH 2004. 2203 seem more durable. but i haven't gotten any hard crash yet, so i can't speak for how durable they are.
i also haven't had any hard crash with brotherhobby 2004, but they seem fragile. and also i had two incidents with BH 2004.

  1. one of the motor, the bell + shaft ( still intact ) fell off and i have no idea what happened to the C-clip. and to be honest, i didn't check every motors to see if everything is in the right place, so i don't know if the C-clip was there in the first place.
  2. i had a light crash. my quad fell to the ground in a dusty area. the bearings of two of the motors are not sealed, so some tiny dust got inside those bearings. i can feel the dust when spinning those motors by hands. they're still flyable but noisy.
    And also, many people have complained about bells come off shafts.

So if i have to choose between 2203 or 2004, i would choose 2203. Plus, if many people break 2203 easily, Bob Roogie would fix it the next time he orders a new batch and also, Bob at least fly with those motors to make sure everything is ok. whereas motor companies usually take a long time to fix anything.

AS for 1804 motors, they can spin 5in props, but really they're for 4in props. if you have to buy 18xx motors for 5in then 1806 are a better choice.

but i'm not an expert on motors and props. and right now i'm trying to fly better, so i prefer very slow quads which make it easier for me to practice. my prefer setup right now is 2203 3000kv 3s gf5125 props. it's good for small space and proximity flying.

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