Karearea Talon V2 (Nike Edition)

By Suteki on Jul 09, 2020

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This is the retail version of the Karearea Talon V2's, this one will only be using my custom pod, my Talon V2 Prototype I ran on Karearea Premium TOA 2207 1950kv, this one I have used the new Karearea TOA Turbine 2207 1950kv.

Also the paint job wasn't mean't to look like a Nike show......it just kind of turned out that way.

No idea if the paint will hold up without chipping off so I took a barage of picks while it still looks new :)



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MaddiRC   6 days ago  

So, how did the paint do? Any chipping?

Suteki   6 days ago 

Yeh unfortunately I don't think this is the sort of plastic that will play well with paint.

I used Dulux as a primer, then a flat black base, then DNA Paints purple / blue flip, masked it off and used White Knights Acrylic for another white coat, topped that with Flouro Yellow and finished it with a polyurethane high gloss acrylic clear but it is chipping in impacts unfortunately.

MaddiRC   6 days ago 

That creates a stiff layer of paint, which is prone to chipping. Using rubber coating like Plastidip would not chip but I guess it will scrape off during a crash. Since the frame is black I do not believe something like Rit Dye would work well and generate bright colors. Too bad. If anyone has an idea how to get color to this frame, I would be very interested.

Suteki   6 days ago 

yeh Plastidip would work, but possibly as you said it could peel off.

hydro dipping maybe?

paint is fine on my 3D printed pod, its just the main plastic isnt really the sort of plastic that allows paint to stick well

Sirbraapalot   7 days ago  

I really like the "Nike" paint job! can you message me to tell me what kind of paint you used? its really sharp nice work!

rdycar   Jul 09, 2020  

Sick quad ~ bro!

Suteki   Jul 09, 2020 

cheers man!

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