By kwadkenstine on Jul 11, 2020

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OF .
I usually slap a Kwad together in a couple of arvos but I have been tinkering with this hodgh podge of bits for ages.
Yes it flies and quite well, the motors are from a MJX Bugs 5 and some other suposed gps drone i bought about 3 years back.
Neigther of which worked as described . ,The Mjx forgot its altitude and repeatedly smashed into the ground untill it died,
The other just didnt work.
So the motors are a fairly low kv and while it isnt fast it is verry stable and solid in the air



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Jayembee67   Jul 12, 2020  

This is a spectacularly chaotic build! Fantastic stuff. :-)

So these aren't contra-rotating props, are they? Another 4-output X8, yes? But do you have DSHOT and RPM filtering switching on for this? And what are you seeing?

I'm still interested in trying to get an FC with 8xDSHOT motor output, and have that set up contra-rotating to see what happens when RPM filtering is switched on (better make sure it's an F7 to give enough processor headroom for all that RPM crunching). Perhaps I should bit the bullet and build a 3" X8 too! It is pretty sexy...

Also, does this make for a better H7 Hauler? It's very compact but given all those props, I could imagine it has good potential in that regard!

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Jayembee67   28 days ago 

(In deepest cinema trailer voice) And So... It Begins... And This Time... It's Octagonal

Just doing layout and initial printing, but more parts are arriving, going to go with a Vista. So it's a-happenin' I can't imagine this is a good idea:

kwadkenstine   27 days ago 

Looks good , are you going to run the wires between the arms?

Jayembee67   27 days ago 

I am actually not. I thought about it but the arms are a bit narrow top get 6 motor leads down. TBH, I'm not quite sure what to do with all that cable yet, room will be limited. I'll see once the ESCs get here.

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