2.3" Toothrip

By Chrswn on Jul 12, 2020

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This is my first Hex. I only fly micros and was looking for a new challenge. My goal was to build a small and light hex with good performance.

first, the frame weighs 7g, 10 with the canopy. It's called the toothrip 129 and I found it on Armattan. It's designed from T4Bee Designs.
the motors are from the babyhawk 85, 1104 5250kv. I like these motors since they have an open bottom design, run effeciently, and have been very robust in my experience. Also, I picked them up for $5 a motor when emax had a sale so it was a good budget motor.
6a esc's to save weight. they might run 3s also, but i'm trying to run only 2s.
Piko blx doesn't have osd, but I just set a timer on my radio. It's light, reliable in my experience, and has 6 inputs.
akk backpack vtx. It's what was laying around...
eos2 nano camera with pyro canopy

Dry weight is 82g.

What I like about it:
the frame is designed to be 4mm thick, but I had it cut with 2mm carbon fiber instead to keep it light. which it is...
fits a 20x20 stack (for the piko blx)
fits a toothpick canopy nicely
Reletivly easy build

What I don't like:
Draws to many amps for my 2s Lipos (even with such low kv 1104's)
Because of the battery sag, it flies a bit heavy.
2mm frame is not stiff enough. I could put two of the 2mm frames together to make a much stiffer 4mm frame for a slight weight penalty. I could also try running it on 3s then, knowing the frame is reinforced... but then it starts to go against what I am trying to accomplish with this build.

My next steps
I'm going to downsize the motors from 1104 5250kv to 1103 8000kv. Hoping for less amp draw. Also, it should lose 12g which may help the frames durability and performance.
I'm going to switch out the eos and pyro canopy for a lighter whoop type camera and lighter canopy to save another couple grams

with all that said, it could turn into a sub 70g dry hex

current dvr



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yohfpv   Jul 14, 2020  

Why don't you resolve your amp draw problem by changing your props to something with a lower weight and pitch?

Chrswn   Jul 14, 2020 

you're right. that would help amp draw. do you have a prop you'd recommend that wont sacrifice too much punch?

yohfpv   17 days ago 

If you have enough clearance for 65mm props, I would recommend th HQ T65mm. If those are too large, I recommend the HQ 2x2x4.

Jodie Froster   Jul 13, 2020  

Do you have a piece of dental floss trapped between the prop and the prop shaft for extra friction? If not, what is that?

Chrswn   Jul 13, 2020 

yeah... its floss. i could have trimmed it nicer but i figured id wait to see how it flew before cleaning it up. these props would need props screes otherwise w/o

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