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By Rfcdesign on Jul 12, 2020

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So the motors and ESC finally burned out in my very first quad, so I rebuilt her. Basically the only part that is from the original build is the frame so i'm posting it here as a new build :)



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BlackbirdFPV   Jul 14, 2020  

Great advise. Thanks!

BlackbirdFPV   Jul 13, 2020  

Is that a "Tile" affixed to the front??

Rfcdesign   Jul 13, 2020 

Yeah, helps if you crash in the bushes and your battery disconnects or you can't hear your dshot beacon tone, As long as you can get within about 250m of where you crashed you can just use the tile app on your phone to locate your quad, even plays a chime. Has saved me a few times. It's very handy!!

Rfcdesign   Jul 13, 2020 

I guess also if you ever had a flyaway you might get lucky enough to be able to track it down as well.

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