TMac's Tadpole

By TMac on Jul 12, 2020

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Initially used the BetaFPV Toothpick F4 AIO 20A flight controller/ESC board so I could also try out the Caddx Baby Turtle Whoop version in this build. Wiring diagram below shows the Baby Turtle connected to AIO board. I have subsequently replaced the Baby Turtle with the Baby Ratel and am using the Insta360 GO for my HD video. I've also re-oriented the VAS XFire Pro 900 mhz antenna from the way it is positioned in the picture (vertically) to a horizontal mount on the bottom of the frame (needed more room for the top mount battery when I started strapping the Insta360 Go to the top plate). 80 gram dry weight. 136 grams AUW with GNB 4S 520 mah LiPo. Getting over 6 minutes of good flight time (not taking it easy) with 48Khz PWM JESC and RPM filters.



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Fractalengineer   Oct 01, 2020  

That's a pretty impressive build man!
I was a bit concerned about the thrust/weight with that heavier component choice but then 6mins flight time is very nice
I got a 3" coming together and could only get 520mah 3S; wish I could have had 450s but I'm not worried anymore :)

Thanks for sharing, sick spots too btw, cheers!

mikestanley464   Oct 01, 2020 

Awesome frame and build.

So... what battery do you use? what is the final weight and how long are your fast acro flights?

TMac   Oct 03, 2020 

different size batteries (whatever i have charged up at the time!). usually 4S 525 or 650. I get about 5-5:30 carrying an Insta360 GO all the way up to about 7 minutes without the GO.

sfonkter   Aug 25, 2020  

You have any flight footage? And would you change the motors/props for a Tadpole 3"? That 6 min flight time sounds nice!

TMac   Aug 25, 2020 

Hey sfonkter! Yep, got some flight footage for you here:

IYes, I would use different motors on the 3" version. Maybe some 13xx-14xx motors. I've also got this weeks video (comes out Friday) on my YT channel ( ) about the frame I designed earlier this year - the Rattler. Its one of my builds on this Rotorbuilds site too. Video Friday is updated design. May want to check out the video next Friday (Sep 4th) for a nice "little surprise" too!

sfonkter   Aug 25, 2020 

Nice flying, and great video!! Thanks for the input about the 3" version as well.

DenRotor   Jul 19, 2020  

Nice and clean Build TMac!

TMac   Jul 19, 2020 

Thanks DenRotor! Appreciate you making the time to comment! She sure is fun to fly!

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