DJI Source One Scraper build

By Void on Jul 12, 2020

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Got the DJI system recently, and was unable to upgrade my existing Hyperlite Glide frame. So took the motors and looked around for spare parts, and this this guys was born! VERY tight stack... just one spacer nut between carbon, ESC, and FC to fit the DJI air unit on top.

Here is a video i shot with it:



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Jodie Froster   Jul 13, 2020  

How many grams of tpu in total?

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Jodie Froster   Jul 14, 2020 

Are you crashing a lot? yes, that is a lot of TPU weight. It affects your efficency. I saw your video, it's not slowing you down. If you were to pair down to 10 or 20 grams you would feel the difference. It looks cool, and all the prints you have are pretty well thought out, so I see the allure

Void   Jul 15, 2020 

Heh only been flying for a year, so i crash maybe once or twice a day on average when i get a chance to fly. A quad goes on the bench every other week or so it seems.. I'm not a racer so not looking for the best performance, but weight does effect flight characteristics quite a bit, so always lookin to shave off more.. My old daily driver (machineworks droner) has titanium screws :P But still decked out in TPU...
You got me thinkin though, i could save 27g by removing the feet/bumpers. May consider doing so when i start crashing less :P

Jodie Froster   30 days ago 

You are probably better off with the tpu for a while. Your self assessment is a wise thing to trust. She does look good in all that green :)

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