By PBenko on Sep 14, 2020

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This build was a rollercoaster. I instantly went for mounting the VTX, then realised I once again underestimated the ESC overhangand scrapped that idea and then found a way to still do it since I really didn't want to stack 3 boards high. I was missing 2 types of spacers:

  • since the FC has M2 holes and the ESC has M3 I needed some adapters so that the ESC would sit snug on the screws -> I took some antenna tubing
  • I also needed some spacers to lift the ESC above the VTX and I had no threadless M2 spacers -> I took some 3D printer PTFE bowden tubing
    You can see the makeshift spacer for the middle stack annotated in one of the images (massive props for the idea to PinchTune

Update 1: Added the AGC Mic below the ESC pointing downwards, which I'm kind of regretting now, it seems to catch quite a lot of wind.

Update 2: Tarsier took for ever to arrive so most photos are without it. I ended up soldering the Tarsier-side connection as well, since the Tarsier and ESC sockets ended up too close to eachother for the wires to fit as well.

Update 3: The Ummagawd strap ended up giving in really fast and I replaced it with the Diatone one, but it didn't see much action yet.



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