iFlight 1s 3-inch BabyTooth πŸ‘ΆπŸ¦· Full Video Review on this Build! πŸ”₯

By NOTCHBAD on Jul 14, 2020

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Stay tuned to this page as I am going to try out EmuFlight on this build!

Check out my full video review on this build:

1s 3-inch Toothpick aka Babytooth is freaking awesomely fun! It is also more economical in the long run!

I decided to use BetaFPV 1103 15,000kv brushless motors which is more available in Singapore. For normal cruising, it only requires 30 to 40% throttle. After flying 3 packs of GNB LiHv 520mAh, the motors remained cool!

The frame I used is Sanchez Air 2mm thickness which is light enough for 1s build. It requires only 3 long m2 screws leaving a space behind for USB port so that I do not need to invert the whoop board.

Since I do not need to invert the whoop board, I decided to use iFlight 1s whoop board. For the price, this whoop board set contains FC F411 and a vtx up to 50mw with u.fl antenna. Since it does not have in-built receiver, I installed xm+ and paired with 50mw for a 1s mid-range flight.

Currently, I'm still using ph2.0 and is planning to upgrade to xt30 to have lesser voltage sag.

Check out my full flight using BetaFlight 3.5.7 and everything defaults! It wobbles a lot so I highly recommend using KababFPV PID tuning available on FPVcycle!

Following video, I am testing BetaFlight 3.5.7 defaults vs tuning by KababFPV which is available in FPVcycle website:

Overall, I am still not really happy with the tuning mainly because of the components that I used are very different from what FPVcycle recommends. Stay tuned as I test this build in EmuFlight!

Do also check out following video on the review of this 1s whoop board by iFlight!



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RoopaK   7 days ago  

nice build m8, have almost the same parts on way to me, im thinking about getting rid of motor connectors, how much weight can i loose with that, and also if its worth it, hope i will not mess it

RoopaK   7 days ago 

also i strongly recommend to use BT2 connectors, ordered 20 of them my self

NOTCHBAD   2 days ago 

I am thinking of changing to XT30 which is more assessible for me.

NOTCHBAD   8 days ago  

[Updates on 5 August 2020]
Added comparison video of BetaFlight 3.5.7 defaults vs FPVcycle KababFPV tuning!

[Up Next]
1s 3inch BabyTooth running on EmuFlight!!!

NOTCHBAD   15 days ago  

[Updates on 28 July 2020]
Added full video review on this build.

[Up Next]
BetaFlight 3.5.7 defaults vs KababFPV tuning

Jodie Froster   29 days ago  

I think there is something happening with toothpicks that i'm not hip too, what is the deal with the thread coming out of your prop screw holes?
This is the second build i've seen with something like this...

NOTCHBAD   29 days ago 

To keep the quad light, we do not use screws to secure our props. We 'floss' our props to create additional tightening of our props with screws. You can check out Mr ShutterBug video on how he floss his props:

P.S. I am using threads instead of floss as I do not floss my teeth. Think Dentist KababFPV will hunt me down. LOL!

Jodie Froster   29 days ago 


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