Iflight IH3

By SD_AE86 on Jul 17, 2020

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Going on month 5 of this covid lock down and still sneaking parts into the wifes weekly amazon prime orders... Ive accumulated enough parts to build another quad... if you're married, you sneaky bastards understand what we have to do to buy parts...its either you tell your spouse you scored a super deal and that the part only cost a quarter of what you actually paid.... or you ninja guard your front door in hopes of catching the package delivery service before they can ring the door bell so you can stuff the package down your pants and make an inconspicuous awkward walk to your mancave quadfactory..

For this build I started off with an Iflight IH3 V3 frame as I wanted something light weight/ cheap/ and props out of view and decent flight times.

Motors, are geprc 1206 4500kv.... emax avan mini props
Which are surprising efficient on the cygnet so i thought id give it a shot on this frame to save weight and make decent power. For way better performance I suggest Hq 3" props... much more durable as well.

The flight controller & esc combo I am using is an Iflight succex-E mini with 35A esc. I have had awesome results with my acrobrat with this fC and the pads arent stupid small like the mamba 405 stacks that require you to be a neurosurgeon to solder your vtx. I didnt use the holes on the top plate to mount the FC because of convenience when doing maintenance so I am running dual stacks with the fc forward of the esc.

The setup Ive been running lately cause Im a cheap bastard but want decent range is an FRSkY R9mm Ota, paired with a Akk A20 mini dvr VTX off amazon for $18 bucks, it pumps 1000mw which provides equivalent range to Karens daily round trip to starbucks to harass teenage baristas.

Then added a $14 BN-180 gps puck as an insurance measure if I ever decide to send it.

Added a Run cam split 3 mini for hd dvr recording and FPV duties but will be swapping the lens again with the uncircumcised RC25g lens as the camera mount frame comes into view in the HD footage but not the FPV recording.



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SD_AE86   Jul 18, 2020  

only reason it was the only 1000mw 20x20 vtx available on amazon for less than $18 bucks.. I dont even bother with the dvr on the akk as it is garbage... all other vtx options were 30 x30 mounting or only 200-400mw in power output for double the price.

Jodie Froster   Jul 18, 2020  

Why the redundancy in recording? I really burns power

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