Precise Indoor Positioning System for Autonomous Drones

By Marvelmind on Jul 18, 2020

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The Paired Beacons configuration for precise indoor positioning system for autonomous drones.

Supports any kind of drones with external GPS input. But instead of real GPS, the drone receives location stream from Marvelmind Indoor Positioning System (Indoor "GPS").

The system streams data in the native GPS format - NMEA0183. Thus, any drone have an external GPS input supporting NMEA0183 is automatically integrated with Marvelmind Indoor "GPS".

The system also supports other formats, for example, Ublox.

PixHawk is supported for both ArduPilot and PX4.

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Jodie Froster   Jul 18, 2020  

Is it a sonar array?

Marvelmind   Jul 18, 2020 

It is a a navigation system based on radio+ultrasonic. Not sonar - we are not using reflection, but time-of-flight of ultrasonic pulses between mobile and stationary beacons

Jodie Froster   Jul 18, 2020 

Does it require stationairy modules in the environment around the drone?

Marvelmind   Jul 19, 2020 

Yes, for 3D tracking, it requires at least 3 stationary beacons. Like in GPS, the mobile beacons on the drone must a have a direct line of sight to 3 or more stationary beacons within 30m. We support up to 250 beacons (stationary+mobile combined). Thus, it is possible to build very large maps covering 20,000m2 or more.

See some demos and additional details:

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