Ossa - World's lightest 5 inch box frame

By SFPV on Jul 19, 2020

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Full Build Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-ZGsXI-Ko0&feature=youtu.be

True-X Design
Ossa is a pure-X motor to motor layout, with vertical arms and outer box. This creates a very tight package that allows it to be light and nimble around the track.
The uniform layout also means that your front and side braces are interchangeable for quick repairs. Same goes for the arms!

Drag-less Racer
Looking at Ossa from above, you can see that by designing the frame around a 20x20 stack, we’ve achieved an almost impossibly small surface area. This means less drag, which means more efficiency. This, coupled with the lift of the box design, gives Ossa a very unique feel.

Spare parts included
Since Ossa is designed for the racer, each kit includes 2x spare arms, 2x spare braces, and 4x spare motor mounts so you don't stay grounded between heats.



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